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Omega Morgan


Branding & Advertising

B2B: Better to Brand

Heavy Haul and Machinery Moving is an industry that lifts giant objects with precision. It requires skill and a fair amount of intelligence to get the job done right. The competition concentrates on equipment. We decided to concentrate on the team. It's the men and women on the job site who are the real heroes.

Our work for Omega Morgan has run the gamut. We began working with them when they changed their name. Brand ID was the first assignment so we were able to dig deep into the DNA of the company, discover their vision and shape their values as a company. At the heart of the organization is pride for a job well done, the work required, and the heavy reliance on teamwork. Those values put a strong emphasis on growing and retaining quality employees. Our partnership with Omega Morgan has built on that Strength and Trust.

Over the course of 12 years, our work with Omega Morgan has included advertising, direct mail, Public Relations, t-shirts, recruitment campaigns, employee motivation, social media, SEO, and yes, vehicle graphics (we may have forgotten something). The company has tripled in size since we first began working together. We have done a ton of work with these folks. And we are proud of it all. Mostly because it worked.

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