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Let’s CreateGood together. Let’s foster a Greater Purpose Economy. Let’s play the Infinite Game. Let’s make great things happen. Let’s do this. Now.


We create great results for our clients. We’ve done it for banks and pet shelters, knife companies and hospitals, bridge movers and universities. The common element with all these categories is that we've created work that stands out. We are a creative company. Our pallet includes every medium you can imagine. We inspire employees to care and customers to become ambassadors for your brand.

Jerry Ketel

Creative Director, Strategist

Writer, designer, artist, entrepreneur. Jerry Ketel has touched every aspect of the communications business. With over 30 years in the industry, he continues to provide a fresh perspective, harnessing his creative imagination for the greater good. His motto: Business requires imagination.


Jerry Ketel is a Portland, Oregon-based design and advertising creative director who has worked on campaigns for some of the world’s best brands. He began his career as a designer, and his natural talent for crafting compelling ads, websites, and communications of all kinds quickly led to him being promoted to creative director. And then he decided to start a business. Jerry has a gift for understanding what consumers want and need, and he uses that insight to create brand campaigns that are both effective and memorable. Over the course of his career, Jerry has worked with clients in a wide range of industries, including automotive, retail, technology, and healthcare. He has helped launch new products, rebrand existing businesses, and drive sales for companies of all sizes. Jerry’s work has been recognized by some of the most prestigious award shows in the advertising industry, and he has been named one of the top designers in the country by ID Magazine. Whether he’s working on a video, a social media post or a meme, Jerry brings his trademark passion and creativity to every project. He’s truly dedicated to his craft, and it shows in the results he achieves for his clients.


We create for the World Wide Web & the Real World
Brand Strategy / Advertising / Identity / Naming / Design / Illustration
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Team Experience

Multidisciplinary and creative, we've been working together for over 10 years. We have a history of solving problems for a wide variety of clients. Our engagement often begins with marketing—our solutions go beyond—to impact culture and society. And your bottom line.

Client Experience

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