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How the Real World Wins pt. 1

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

With all the emphasis on virtual worlds, those who concentrate on the real world and genuine connection, will be healthier in every way.

Opportunity: The Real World.

It may sound cynical to declare the natural world as a marketing opportunity. More importantly, it’s a personal opportunity to escape ZoomWorld and the constructed reality of online and televised media.

After two years, humans are desperate for experiences that involve all of our senses, not just the visual and the aural. Therein lies the opportunity. There’s only so much binge-watching, binge shopping, and binge lusting one can do before depression sets in. Or chaffing.

According to Boston university, depression in adults has tripled from 8% to 28% since the beginning of the pandemic. In another study published in the Lancet, depression and anxiety have increased around the globe, with Western nations most affected — presumably, those who place a high value on mobility (China is the least affected, presumably because its citizens are accustomed to lockdowns).

The real world to the rescue

Numerous studies show taking a walk in nature boosts mental health considerably. Sara Warber, M.D., at the University of Michigan Medical School, states that joining a nature walking group will improve daily positive emotions and be an effective treatment for depression. Your friends who like hiking and camping can’t wait to “get back out there.” An increase in serotonin levels is the likely answer. So those of you who still scoff at tree-hugging might want to give it a try for your health. Recently, I made a trip to Victoria, B.C. to experience the beaches and forestry there. It was a balm on the soul.

The interweb of stronger bonds

What is the most common regret among those who lie on their deathbed? That they didn’t spend more time with their family. These days there is a solution to this; it’s called FaceTime. Even though it is an evil internet app, it allows us to spend a little more time with our loved ones. What is the most common lament about Zoom meetings? That you are talking to a screen instead of real people. The common thread here is an opportunity to go emotionally deeper. ZoomWorld is about business goals and deadlines. We don’t get below the surface of chit-chat on these platforms. Have you thought about scheduling a water-cooler-conversation-video-chat? You should.

Special interest communities save lives.

One of the first things I did when the pandemic lockdowns occurred was signing up with a futurist society. It is my particular interest, and I found talking with people of a similar bent to be rewarding. We had a weekly meeting to discuss deep and sometimes personal issues. I found this to be rewarding, for sure, but I didn’t realize how much until I encountered friends and family who felt chronically depressed. I am much less affected due to the deeper connection I found in the futurist group and others I have joined (more on that later). These online communities save my life from depression. The moral of the story here is to dive emotionally deeper; ZoomWorld and social media are the surfaces of the digital waters. If you can’t get physically close to your mates, get psychically deeper. Much deeper. No, deeeeeper.

Hey, business world, here’s the opportunity.

There is only one way to compete as we watch Megacorps out-strategize, out-spend, and out-digitize small and medium-sized businesses. With deeper experiences. The Big Guys sell products and services faster and cheaper, but they are also growing more remote. Smart companies will compete by creating deeper relationships, tailored experiences, and a real-world presence. Building relationships like this isn’t easy, but it should be a core marketing strategy for any business. In part two, we will go over a few examples of competing with and beating Megacorps at a game they can’t scale because humans want human interaction, now more than ever. And that means companies must become more human than ever too.

Who are we?

CreateGood is a studio dedicated to the Greater Purpose Society. Our mission is to help companies find their purpose, express their vision, and direct positive influence in the world. It’s a lofty goal but we have to start somewhere. Where we are starting is here. Drop us a note or ask us a question. The first hour (at least) is free.

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