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Science Isn't Boring

Soteria makes a game-changing product that can help save the world. But how do you explain this in a way that is simple? The need Soteria fills is practical. Their products prevent insects from destroying farm crops—without poisoning the environment. How do you convince skeptical farmers to use it?

Our client uses insect pheromones to confuse male insects during mating. Pretty brilliant. The inclination of our science-minded partner is to tell the technical details of the story. The hard data, they were convinced, would persuade down-to-earth farmers that Soteria is an effective, sustainable solution for fruit-crop protection. But farmers, like most people aren’t scientists. They need information disseminated quickly and effectively. Our job was to create a simple device that stood out in trade publications and provided brief information for the potential user to find out more.

The challenge of taking a complex subject like insect pheromone-confusion biotechnology and inverting it into a simple message was a geeky pleasure. We enjoyed mulling the technical jargon to find ways to express these ideas with ease. We also had fun creating a visual language for the brand that extended to the product line. We also influenced the naming of the products, as we sometimes get the chance to do. As a result, our communications stand head and shoulders above the competition. Even scientific data can be made unignorable.

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