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William Henry


Branding & Advertising

The Power of Story

When William Henry approached us, they had a unique origin story. We realized, in turn, that the knives and accessories they make tell a story. And by extension, William Henry's pieces tell a story for the individual who chooses to collect their knives, pens, and jewelry. They don't make a product. They tell a story.

William Henry makes one-of-a-kind pieces. Fossilized Wooly Mammoth Tooth, Dinosaur Bone, and Interstellar Meteorites are combined with artisan engraving and ancient metalworking techniques. But more than that, their artistic intention imbues these works with masculine energy. In our view, the company makes magical talismans of power and authority.

Our engagement began as an advertising consultation. Rolling up our sleeves and digging into the brand revealed the company has a much deeper connection with its customers. Yes, William Henry makes beautiful, exclusive products for men. But our deep psychological mining found that they represent an archetypal force in men. William Henry products are symbols of the King, Warrior, and yes, Rebel in every man. Our work began with telling that story and then evolved into imbuing the brand with cues of masculine craft, value, and authority to complete the circle.

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